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Zuidas is a rapidly developing business district in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Zuidas is also known as the 'Financial Mile'. It lies between the rivers Amstel and Schinkel along the ringway A10. A large number of companies in the financial, juridical and business services are located here. Over the years, companies from other sectors have also chosen Zuidas as their location. Also companies and institutions such as the World Trade Center, Google, ABN Ambro, VU Medical Center and the VU University are already established at Zuidas.

Although Zuidas is already an internationally renowned location, Zuidas is still under development. This development and expansion of the Zuidas is part of a plan of the Amsterdam city council in cooperation with residents, companies and institutions to realize a unique location where thousands of people work, live and spend their spare time. Partly because of this, Zuidas is a popular and international residential area with a lot of attention for architecture, green public spaces and a high level of supply. The number of catering establishments, shops, cultural, sports and care facilities is increasing. Large and small events take place. In addition to the residents, the tens of thousands of people who work and study there contribute to the development of Zuidas into a place where there is plenty to experience and where people meet. The full development will be completed in 2030.

Due to the location of a number of train and metro stations such as Amsterdam-Amstel station, Amsterdam-RAI station and Amsterdam-Zuid station, Zuidas is easily accessible by public transport. This makes the accessibility of other locations within and outside Amsterdam easy to reach from here. With the North / South line you are in the northern part of Amsterdam in no time.


The Zuidas is working on a clean, healthy, functional and energy-neutral district in collaboration with companies, institutions and organizations. The Green Business Club Zuidas also plays a large part in the development of this. The Green Business Club Zuidas is an impact organization that focuses on a concrete result by initiating sustainable projects in Amsterdam Zuidas. This means that there is cooperation on sustainable energy generation, energy saving, sustainable mobility, clean air and a circular economy.